8469 vol. 2 - The art of Sarah and Jeral Tidwell

Image of 8469 vol. 2 - The art of Sarah and Jeral Tidwell


8469 VOLUME 2
The long wait is over! Sarah and Jeral have wrapped their follow up to the sell out smash hit "8469 vol. 1". Volume 2 is all new art work, 21 pages of hand drawn illustrations from each artist. We really have no words to describe the level of skill and craftsmanship these two crazy art nerds have packed into such a small package. Because of a problem with the covers, there are only 400 copies of the book including the special editions. That means there are only 345 regular books available! Like we said, SUPER limited edition.

Sarah has filled her half of the book with more cute and cuddly critters than you can shake a stick at. Her line work and beautifully clean style are a force of nature... nature from some other universe where only she know the origin of species.

Jeral has, once again, given 200% as he does with every project that pours from his twisted little art brain. His pages are filled to the brim with some of the best line work in the business. Skulls, flying eyeballs, robots, bicycles, and things we can even describe without a dictionary for the creatively insane!
Did we mention that it has a 3 color, screen printed cover, created and printed by the artists themselves... these two kids are unstoppable!

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