7 paint brushes to bring all your twisted ideas to life... Yes, even those.
These are synthetic brushes that are perfect for all types of paint... acrylics, enamels, oils, chocolate pudding, etc...

These brushes are the next step in our creative evolution and take it a little further than my last few sets. In this set, there is a long fine liner, a really small detail brush, a small and medium sized filbert, a nice 1/2 inch flat, an infinitely useful med size round, and last but not least... a 1/2 inch filbert that I modified to use with more fluid paints. That last brush is a shading dream and has tons of uses. Of course, all of these brushes can be used with just about any type of paint and each of you will find your own uses for them. So, like always... I am just trying to expand your tool collection as well as my own by finding a need and then making a brush to fill it. I know you will love these brushes but if you don't... I will give your money back.